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Expo 2020 to examine sustainable development goals
Reem Al Hashimy, director general of Expo 2020 Dubai Bureau, will lead the event

Expo 2020 to examine sustainable development goals

Influencers and changemakers will convene at a climate-focused event during Expo 2020 under a wider programme that will address some of the world’s most pressing problems.

The event will seek to tackle issues highlighted in the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Held immediately before the next UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26, expected November 9th-19th in Glasgow, Scotland), the event looks to further advance the conversation, and encourage action on climate and sustainability issues that are leading to an increase in natural catastrophes.

The event was announced by Reem Al Hashimy, minister of state for international cooperation and director general of Expo 2020 Dubai Bureau, during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2020.

Al Hashimy is also the chairperson of the UAE National council on sustainable development goals.


Event participants will be encouraged to share their message, solutions and expertise to inspire change at both an individual and global level.

It will be held during Expo 2020’s Climate Week in the first week of November, one of nine thematic weeks that will encourage international cooperation on various key topics.

These include urban development and cities, travel and exploration, the sustainable development goals, health and wellness, innovation, agriculture and livelihood development, women and girls, and water.

Dedicated public and closed-door events, such as seminars, workshops and talks, will also feature in Expo 2020’s wider events programme, tasked with bringing the world together in a spirit of optimism for our future.

All events will celebrate the achievements and amplify the message of the 17 sustainable development goals, a set of global objectives to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind.