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Expedia enhances mobile app

Expedia enhances mobile app

Expedia has added a set of robust, visual mobile travel planning services to its Expedia mobile app.

Using location awareness and timezone updates, the app surfaces the most relevant part of the itinerary and related information, such as airport maps, flight status, confirmation codes and addresses, at the moment the traveller is most likely to need that piece of information.

Andy Washington, Managing Director of Expedia in the UK and Ireland said, “We know that travel can be stressful especially when your plans change or you need to leave at the last minute. You’re dashing to the airport and you don’t always have time or access to a printer to print all your travel information.

“So the ability to check your gate on your way to the airport, view a map of the airport terminal or quickly check the hotel location means you can focus on getting the most out of your trip.” Adds Andy.

The integration of travel management tools will also offer travellers the chance to access all bookings, whether made on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, wherever they are.


The addition of mobile itineraries neatly complements the features that have made the free Expedia app one of the top apps in travel: flight booking from more than 130 airlines, selection of more than 140,000 hotel properties and mobile-only deals.
Expedia also announced that the Expedia mobile app has been downloaded over 11 million times in over 220 different countries and territories including iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8 tablet versions.