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European Commission chooses Florence for the Inspire Conference 2013

European Commission chooses Florence for the Inspire Conference 2013

Florence wins one of the most prestigious conferences dedicated to EU environmental policies, the INSPIRE Conference 2013. The news was given during the last edition of the INSPIRE Conference,  which took place in Istanbul from 23th to 27th June 2012.

Each year a European INSPIRE conference is held to provides a forum for stakeholders from government, academia and industry to hear about and discuss the latest developments of the INSPIRE Directive - Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe- which entered into force on 15th May 2007, establishing an infrastructure for spatial information to support EU environmental policies.

According to European Commission, “the directive”, which will see full implementation in 2019, “will make the environmental information access easier and faster and will produce clear benefits for European citizens, by emergency services to a daily environment more healthy.” This will be translated into reducing costs of public administration and into clear benefits for the citizen, ranging from improved emergency services to a healthier environment. The use of common quality standards for the sharing of environmental information on all European territory will help in reducing costs and improving the decision making basis at all levels and will also contribute to a more coordinated framework for the implementation and monitoring of environmental policies. The spatial data across Europe, to which each country is working for their area of jurisdiction, will be merged under a single integrated web system for environmental information on European territory and easily accessible by all stakeholders.

The Joint Research Centre - the European Union’s scientific and technical research laboratory and the organization in charge to provide support for the design, implementation and monitoring of EU policies-, chose for the last edition in Istanbul the topic “Sharing environmental information, sharing innovation” in order to examine how the three pillars of the Directive implementation - Governance, Content and Technology – are consolidating the sharing environmental information.

The candidacy of Florence Convention Bureau, supported by ENIC, for the INSPIRE Conference 2013, has been successful thanks to the final presentation in Ispra, base of the JRC Italian research institute, which was attended by the FCB director Carlotta Ferrari and Stefano Gabbrielli, CEO of ENIC. The prestigious event, which will be held 23 to 27 June 2013 in the congress center of Florence, will bring in at least 1500 people from all over Europe.