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Embark on an Unforgettable Sail Turkey Adventure With Sailnstay

Embark on an Unforgettable Sail Turkey Adventure With Sailnstay

SAILNSTAY offers a journey like no other, where guests can explore hidden coves, ancient ruins, and vibrant coastal villages. Each day brings a discovery, whether it’s snorkelling in crystal-clear waters, dining on fresh, local cuisine, or simply lounging on the deck under a starlit sky. Our destinations include the historic treasures of Demre, the tranquil waters of Kekova, the charming town of Kaş, the ancient city of Olympos, and the bustling port of Fethiye.

Travellers from the UK can begin their adventure with ease. Start your journey in Demre, just 150 km from Antalya Airport (AYT), accessible via direct flights from London, Manchester, and Birmingham. Alternatively, embark from Fethiye, only 50 km from Dalaman Airport (DLM), offering another convenient entry point for your SAIL Turkey experience.

“SAILNSTAY isn’t just a cruise—it’s a story waiting to unfold,” said Egemen SARICA, CEO of SAILNSTAY. “Our guests can lose themselves in the rhythm of the sea, the warmth of Turkish hospitality, and the timeless beauty of the Mediterranean coast.”

With more than six meticulously crafted Sail Turkey itineraries, SAILNSTAY offers something for every traveller. Whether you seek a romantic escape, a family adventure, or a solo journey of self-discovery, we have the perfect cruise for you.

SAILNSTAY is committed to providing exceptional SAIL Turkey experiences beyond the ordinary. Our gulet cruises are designed to showcase Turkey’s rich history, natural wonders, and cultural vibrancy. We pride ourselves on delivering unforgettable journeys that leave a lasting impression on every guest.


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