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Eco Solutions from DB Schenker

“We aim to become the leading provider of green transportation and logistics services and offer our customers climate-friendly solutions. Our Eco Solutions make it possible to reduce, offset or completely avoid CO2 emissions throughout the entire supply chain,” said Dr. Karl-Friedrich Rausch, the Member of the Management Board of DB Mobility Logistics AG responsible for Transportation and Logistics, on Wednesday in Munich. “We are conscious of our responsibility as a service and logistics provider, have set ambitious, group-wide emissions-reduction targets for ourselves and are now offering our customers a comprehensive range of solutions to enable them to better pursue their own climate protection objectives.” DB Schenker is currently presenting its Eco Solutions range at the transport logistic 2011 trade fair in Munich.

The Eco Solutions range includes Eco Plus, a solution that offers DB Schenker customers CO2-free rail freight throughout Germany. The energy required is taken entirely from renewable sources, and DB supports with ten percent of the revenue generated from Eco Plus the construction of new renewable energy power plants.

Eco OceanLane enables customers to reduce their CO2 emissions for ocean freight by up to 50 percent. And with Eco Charter, the air freight solution, they can reduce their CO2 emissions on the routes from Frankfurt to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Chicago by up to 20 percent. Eco Solutions are also available for land transport: DB SCHENKERhangartner and DB SCHENKERrailog offer customers a combination of road and rail transportation that allows them to reduce their CO2 emissions by up to 60 percent.

Eco Warehouse is a solution for building and operating warehouses energy efficiently and sustainably, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 35 percent. DB Schenker specialists work with customers to develop new, environment-friendly logistics centers that comply with international certification standards for climate- and eco-friendly logistics buildings.

In addition to its Eco Solutions for specific modes of transportation, DB Schenker also offers Eco Neutral, which gives customers the opportunity to offset their CO2 emissions by financing climate protection projects. It also allows them to choose what proportion of their emissions they want to offset. Eco Neutral can be combined with other parts of the Eco Solutions range. DB Schenker works in tandem with its partner atmosfair to finance existing climate protection projects, thus enabling customers to offset their CO2 emissions. DB Schenker also aims to initiate its own projects in future.


Climate protection at DB Schenker starts with customer advice and transportation planning. Eco Optimizer clearly indicates the CO2 and other emissions involved in the transportation and logistics services provided to the customers. A specially developed emissions calculator analyzes CO2 emissions along the entire supply chain. Customers receive recommendations on to how to reduce their emissions, which may involve combining more energy-efficient modes of transportation or alternative routes. The data stored for Eco Optimizer is obtained from calculations made by the online environmental impact calculator EcoTransIT World and is thus based on a scientifically verified method and database.

DB Schenker’s climate-friendly Eco Solutions range is complemented by a new unit of measurement: the ECO2PHANT. This illustrates how much CO2 customers can save through more energy-efficient transportation. Each ECO2PHANT is the equivalent of five tonnes of saved CO2 - roughly the weight of an elephant.