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Durban to host World Champion MMA fighter Ken Shamrock

Durban to host World Champion MMA fighter Ken Shamrock

The African Bureau of Conventions has successfully secured a first, not only for South Africa, but also for the African Continent.  On the 25th November 2010, the ICC Durban will host one of the most highly anticipated Mixed Martial Arts events in 2010. 

“Platinum” will feature International and national fighters, including Ken Shamrock, Donovan Hawkey, Abjul Hussain, Craig Fourie, Tyson Chelin,  Donald Nziwara and Mike De Bruin to name a few.

Ken Shamrock is one of the most widely recognized MMA fighters in the world. He is a legendary American Mixed Martial Arts fighter and a former professional wrestler.

This tournament is part of the international “King of the Cage” event where promoters travel around the world to expose and elevate the profile of local fighters, thus creating MMA legacies

Out Reach Programme


The newly developed and opened training facility, “The Lions Den South Africa” has combined with NICRO, (The National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders), which is a non-profit organization working towards a safer South Africa.

Ken Shamrock is looking forward to huge success in South Africa both with MMA events, but more importantly building a sustainable program that encourages a healthier lifestyle for our youth involving MMA gyms and the MMA community.

On November 22nd and 23rd Ken Shamrock will be visiting Durban’s South community to launch the project, spearheaded by Darian Smith from NICRO.  “Everyone involved in South Africa is extremely excited about the possibilities here including His Worship the Mayor of Durban, Councillor Obed Mlaba, who will be welcoming the team to Durban.” 

This exciting event, will be broadcast to over 50 million people world-wide.