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DTCM heritage events concourse at heritage sites during the Shopping Festival

DTCM heritage events concourse at heritage sites during the Shopping Festival

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing has lined up a host of events at its heritage sites during the Dubai Shopping Festival in its 18 edition.
DTCM organises a collection of activities spread over a number of heritage sites including the “Shindagha” overlooking the Dubai Creek and Hatta heritage areas.
Eyad Ali Abdulrahman, Executive Director Media Relations and Business Development and the General Supervisor of the heritage events said that the Department of Tourism is always keen to host a wide range of activities and events that targets all family members and visitors.

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing is hosting many activities with a view to present the rich Arabian culture and heritage to visitors this winter season at Hatta heritage areas and Shindagha areas: Sheikh Saeed House and the house of Sheikh Obaid bin Thani, the Heritage Village and the Diving Village, he added.

He also added that the team is putting great efforts to support these events in order to bring it out in perfect shape highlighting the UAE heritage values.
In the light of the events, Eyad opened the art exhibition by famous UAE artists in hall 4 at the heritage village showcasing fine arts and sharing their work within the DTCM activities.

Eisa Al Ali, Saeed bin Ghalaita UAE well-known artists and Khaled Al Nuaimi the photographer participated at the exhibition.

Khalid Ali, Director of Hatta Heritage Village and Sheikh Saeed House and Chairman of the organising committee of the heritage events at DTCM, continued:” DTCM organised celebration program this year which comprises of 36 marvelous events including 25 in the Shindagha and 11 at Hatta heritage areas to attract tourists and visitors from everywhere and enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the UAE.


khliad Ali talked about array of activities among the events being held this year are Productive Art Exhibition, National Cuisine, Camel Riding, Coastal Handicraft Event, Bedouin Handicraft Event, Ras Al Khaimah National Gallery and National Band Shows. Besides, there will be Classic Cars and Bikes Fair, National Game Shows, Arabian Hospitality, Local Famous Bands and many other events.

There are other activities at Shindagha areas and the Diving Village including paintings corner, Dubai National Exhibition, Traditional Weddings, Plays, Fairs, Shows, Coastal Crafts, Popular Bands, Children Shows and more.

Hatta Heritage areas offers various of activities such as Local Games (Tally, spinning, knitting, sewing, making ropes) live cooking (Harees, Bulalait, Baked Wafers and Lokaimath Bites) and popular bands.

In addition to a number of other events happening in the locations mentioned like School Students show, camel caravans and Arab Hospitality Exhibitions.
These events held at the Heritage areas daily from 3rd of January until 3rd of February 5-10 pm.