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Do-It-Yourself trip planning made easy with The China Guide

Do-It-Yourself trip planning made easy with The China Guide

Travelers are eager to do their own trip planning, especially with all of the available online help of travel forums and advice websites. The China Guide ( ), has developed a unique way to combine do-it-yourself travel with their quality tour services. Now China holidaymakers can get the best of both travel worlds and a stress-free trip itinerary.

The China Guide’s website includes a ‘Build Your Own Tour’ system where trip planners can put together their own itineraries selecting from a range of sightseeing options, cultural classes, shopping, dining and more, all with instant pricing.

“Our do-it-yourself tour system lets our guests customize their itinerary to design a trip that suits their needs,” says The China Guide’s Travel Manager, Judy Huang. “Users can select from a variety of categories and arrange morning, afternoon and evening activities. Pricing is shown as you go along. Once their planning is complete, they submit the itinerary via email and we will finalize the details. It’s simple and user-friendly.”

The ‘Build Your Own Tour’ System has all activities timed appropriately and priced according to the number of guests entered with children discounts factored in. Users don’t have to worry about scheduling activities that will take too long or overlap, everything is arranged in the system with selections for meals in between.