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DialAFlight dispel Dubai holiday myths

DialAFlight dispel Dubai holiday myths

Industry leading travel operator DialAFlight have released a video interview with Dubai Tourist Board representative Ian Scott.  Available to watch on DialAFlight TV, Peter Stephens, Managing Director, questions Ian over certain issues that may be of concern to those looking to take future holidays in Dubai.

The interview follows recent research which showed travel agents view Dubai as a tourist destination that does not have a particularly lenient attitude towards holidaymakers. However Ian is quick to quell any doubts about the atmosphere, people and overall experience of a holiday in Dubai.

Ian highlights that whilst the United Arab Emirates is largely Muslim, 80% of the population of Dubai are not native, and the groups co-exist and mix without any problems. The emirate has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Over 8 million tourists booked flights to Dubai last year, proving that is a highly popular destination.  With only a three hour time difference, and a flight length of around 7 hours, it is also very accessible for what is considered to be an “exotic” holiday destination. Construction works within the emirates are now largely completed, with only a very small amount of final development.

There are a plethora of attractions and facilities in this glamorous new metropolis.  There are two large water parks for those with family, the most noticeable being Atlantis, which is located on the Palm of Jumeirah. A multitude of sporting events run throughout the year, from the Dubai Tennis Open to Rugby Sevens and the International Regatta. Dubai also has some of the finest and most varied gastronomic experiences the world can offer; a holiday in this Emirate promises a truly eclectic experience.


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