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Demonstration of new LEO Express train - Stadler trial tests begin

Demonstration of new LEO Express train - Stadler trial tests begin

Czech railway operator LEO Express has introduced its new modern train unit to public for the first time today. The train starts carry passengers between Prague and Ostrava this year. At the Velim test circuit, guests have had a unique opportunity to thoroughly and closely examine its exterior and interior: super luxury class Premium, ubiquitous LCD screens, special places for the handicapped, or modern toilets. Subsequent test drives demonstrate the high level of comfort of this technologically advanced electric unit. After successful completion of the tests on the test circuit, ninety meters long LEO Express train - the most modern one in the Czech Republic - sets off to a normal rail traffic. By December this year, LEO Express gradually takes over another four new sets from Swiss Stadler Rail Group, which will offer unprecedented convenience and high quality services on that route.

” A new era of the Czech Railways has started today. It is actually the first new train of the Czech private carrier designed for the long-distance route. Our train units belong to the most modern ones in Europe, the Swiss manufacturer Stadler has produced it exactly according to our requirements specifically for Czech customers. In many parameters, these units represent the best that passengers could use in the domestic rail. They bring a unique combination of high speed, short travel time, respectively, with the provision of high quality services, fully comparable with the level of travel in Western Europe. We want to make traveling with our trains really fun, comfortable and restfully. Our new trains will allow us to effectively fight our true competitors, namely road transport,“says Leos Novotny, the owner of LEO Express.

He claims that his firm - a new railway operator - is doing its best for LEO Express to be the most convenient, fast and fun train to travel with. With LEO Express trains, travelling would not be just a duty, but also becomes a great experience and provides maximum relaxation possible.

Peter Jenelten, Executive Vice President Marketing & Sales of Stadler Rail, is also very delighted with the new trains: “LEO Express unit has not only elegant, aerodynamic shape and a beautiful design, but you can also describe it by highly functional design and effective internal arrangement. Our trains are very economical, efficient. They have a modern, light and very durable construction, half of the conventional trains weight, significantly lower power consumption and low running costs. All of these maintaining the top performance, dynamics and comfort while driving.”

One of the world’s leading financial institutions, CREDIT SUISSE AG provided a credit for LEO Express: “We financed the company because the project was well prepared and thought out, and supported by a solid business plan. In addition we believe that the Stadler trains selected represent the optimal choise for implementation of the business plan. We believe in the great potential of LEO Express and its ability to take advantage of the liberalisation of the railway sector in Central and Eastern Europe. We support and respect the good management of LEO Express, which combines strong practical experience with entrepreneural flair,” says Jérôme Gaeschlin from CREDIT SUISSE.


In the upcoming weeks the first LEO Express train will pass the necessary tests at the Velim test circuit. Experienced specialists of the Research Institute of Railway brake check while new sets, noise level measurements must try and electro - magnetic compatibility (EMC called - electro magnetic compatibility). If the kit successfully passes all the tests required for approval of a vehicle to run on our track, it should then go trial on the normal route.

In December this year, LEO Express starts operation in full range, with all five units and sixteen connections per day. LEO Express has already taken over two new units out of five, the other three will be taken over from the producer to the end of the year. The route Prague-Pardubice-Olomouc-Ostrava-Bohumin is just the first step. In the following years LEO Express is going to operate on other rail routes in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries.