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Datai Langkawi set to undergo overhaul from September 2017

Datai Langkawi set to undergo overhaul from September 2017

Malaysia’s leading luxury resort, The Datai Langkawi, will embark on an extensive renovation from September 4th next year, signifying the most substantial enhancement project since its inception over 23 years ago.

To ensure the resort retains its much loved ‘Datai DNA’, the management has appointed renowned interior designer Didier Lefort of DL2A, who, along with visionary Australian architect Kerry Hill, was responsible for the original designs in 1993.

The renovations will tackle the resort’s guestrooms, suites and villas; the construction of a Nature Centre; additional spa pavilions; a refreshed retail space; a fitness centre by the beach as well as an overall enhancement of the landscaping.

In order to fully execute the extensive renovation, The Datai Langkawi will be closed for approximately ten months from September 4th, 2017, and is scheduled to complete in summer 2018.

Leading the programme, award-winning interior designer Lefort brings with him an unrivalled knowledge of the resort, its structure, history and unique surroundings.


He will oversee the overall design concept, including managing the structure of the additional spa villas and fitness centre by the beach, and will remodel the interiors of the resort’s guestrooms, suites and villas.

Lefort and his team will also carry out the resorts landscaping, lighting and signage enhancements.

This will ensure that The Datai Langkawi honours Kerry Hill’s original vision of a luxurious hideaway set amidst a ten-million year old rain forest backed by the pristine Datai Bay.

The overall reconfiguration and creative overtures will continue to juxtapose the natural beauty of the locale with understated functional modern amenities.

The new interiors will ensure the ultimate in comfort and style are combined with the facilities that discerning luxury travellers expect. 

The additional spa pavilions and fitness centre by the beach will further enhance the resort’s offering, while the dramatic arrival experience, integrated with the extraordinary tropical surroundings, will be heightened with new world-class service standards.

An increased focus on sustainability is underpinned by the construction of a dedicated Nature Centre, which will be run by the resort’s renowned resident naturalist, Irshad Mobarak.

“This renovation is a testament to the commitment of The Datai Langkawi to provide unmatched luxury accommodations, the highest level of service, and the modern amenities that appeal to today’s luxury global travellers,” said Arnaud Girodon, general manager of the resort.

“Temporarily closing the resort will allow us to complete this refurbishment as quickly as possible and allow our guests to return to our island paradise in mid-2018”, he added.

This project is set to personify the resort’s signature luxury hideaway that distinctively reaffirms The Datai Langkawi as Malaysia’s most sought-after destination with unrivalled luxury experience.