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Cutting-Miller launches Tourism Policy Group

Cutting-Miller launches Tourism Policy Group

Richard Cutting-Miller, former executive vice president of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), has announced the creation of a new communications firm Tourism Policy Group.

The firm will specialise in public affairs and advocacy services for premier tourism destinations and enterprises around the world.

A 25-year travel industry veteran, Cutting-Miller played a principal role in shaping and directing the World Travel & Tourism Council as well as WTTC’s policy agenda, research program, and communications between 1991 and 2007.

During his tenure with WTTC, Richard traveled extensively, consulting and speaking on the topic of tourism economics, policy issues and advocacy, and produced more than one hundred consulting projects for tourism intensive regions such as the Caribbean, the European Union and APEC, and individual countries as diverse as China, Russia, India, Montenegro, Qatar, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Namibia and South Africa. 

In the USA, Richard produced studies for a number of states including Hawaii and South Carolina.

In total, Richard has worked in 65 countries.

Post-WTTC, Cutting-Miller created TourismROI, a tourism investment promotion website to serve as the nucleus of tourism investment information and opportunities worldwide.

TourismROI pioneered the principle of mass collaboration to facilitate tourism information exchange.

Commenting on Tourism Policy Group, Richard said, “Our objective is simple: to assist leading public and private sector players realize the full potential of their Travel & Tourism economy, creating opportunity and employment for businesses and local residents, and attractive ROI for their investors.”