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COTRI joins WTTC as research partner on global tourism

COTRI joins WTTC as research partner on global tourism

The China Outbound Tourism Research Institute has been awarded Knowledge Partner status with the World Travel & Tourism Council.

The decision sees the organisation join an exclusive group of six global research organisations participating in the WTTC’s research on the economic and social contribution of travel and tourism.

In its new capacity, COTRI will share its rich insights and expertise on Chinese outbound tourism with the WTTC, as well as joining upcoming conferences and events hosted for industry leaders by the WTTC throughout the world.

The World Travel & Tourism Council is a forum for business leaders in the travel and tourism industry.

With chief executives of some one hundred of the world’s leading travel and tourism companies as its members, WTTC has a unique mandate and overview on all matters related to travel.


WTTC advocates partnership between the public and private sectors, delivering results that match the needs of economies, local and regional authorities and local communities with those of business, based on governments recognising travel and tourism as a top priority business balancing economics with people, culture and environment, as well as a shared pursuit of long-term growth and prosperity.

The WTTC has been conducting extensive research to understand the value of travel and tourism since its inception more than 20 years ago.

Its Knowledge Partner programme aims to deepen its research efforts by partnering with leading global research organisations respected for their robust research and thought leadership in their fields.

“COTRI is honoured to have been appointed as the WTTC’s latest Knowledge Partner and we are looking forward to contributing to the WTTC’s expertise with our knowledge and data about the Chinese outbound tourism market,” said COTRI director Wolfgang Georg Arlt.

“It is fantastic that our efforts in the industry are not only recognised by our clients, but also by world-leading organisations such as the WTTC.

“It recognises COTRI’s work and also the growing importance of Chinese outbound tourism in the global market.”

COTRI is a privately organised and independent institute founded by Arlt in Germany 2004.

Since its inception, COTRI has become the world’s leading organisation for consulting, training, workshops, and other services related to the Chinese outbound tourism market, and cooperates with prominent international and Chinese tourism organisations, such as the WTTC, ETC, ETOA, and PATA.

COTRI is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, has an office in Beijing, China, and coordinates a network of regional partners across the globe.