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Cooperation between ÖBB and ČD will improve connections between Austria and Czech Republic

Cooperation between ÖBB and ČD will improve connections between Austria and Czech Republic

Prague – Brno – Vienna – Graz: From December 2014 every two hours on the railjet premium train. Three ÖBB railjet trains and seven ČD railjet trains will be deployed starting in the 2015 timetable (valid from December 2014) at two-hour intervals on the Prague – Brno – Vienna – Graz line.

Thus, from 2015 all major international connections departing from Vienna Central Station will be served by first-rate trains – railjets or ICE trains. Vienna Central Station will thus serve as an important transfer hub for high-quality international railway transport, into which ČD will be integrated as well. In cooperation with ČD, ÖBB will offer a direct connection without a transfer on the north-south axis (Prague – Vienna – Graz), similar to the offering of railjet trains already operating on the east-west axis (Budapest – Vienna – Salzburg – Munich / – Zurich).

Thanks to the deployment of railjets on connections between Prague and Vienna, the comfort of travel offered to passengers from both countries will be enhanced. Railjets feature speed, comfort and modern design, and are also environmentally friendly.

The 206-metre-long 7-carriage trains weighing 330 tonnes have more than 400 seats. All railjets (ÖBB as well as ČD) operated on the Prague – Brno – Vienna – Graz line will be equipped with a restaurant / bistro and compartments for bicycles. Each railjet carriage also contains an easy-to-use information system. Displays provide passengers with information about the current speed, the course of the journey, the position of the train and upcoming stops. An electronic reservation system makes it easy to find seats, which are organised as business class, 1st class and 2nd class. The trains are also equipped with a children’s cinema and places for passengers using wheelchairs. Traction for all railjet trains on the Prague – Graz line will be provided by Austrian class 1216 Taurus locomotives as part of the cooperation between ČD and ÖBB.