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CMAC Group partners with Trees4Travel in step towards becoming carbon neutral

CMAC Group partners with Trees4Travel in step towards becoming carbon neutral

In a bid to become a carbon neutral organisation by the end of 2023, the ground transport and accommodation specialists, CMAC Group, has announced a partnership with Trees4Travel, an initiative dedicated to neutralising traveller’s impact upon the environment through reforestation in developing countries.

As part of the collaborative project, CMAC’s clients can choose to decarbonise their ground travel and the company will facilitate reforestation projects on their behalf.

Trees4Travel will calculate and grow the necessary trees to neutralise the emissions, translating trips into trees. Each tree will absorb an estimated 164kgs of CO2 in its first 10 years. The scheme also aims to restore valuable ecosystems and biodiversity as well as creating employment opportunities to support local communities. CMAC has also announced that it will additionally pledge to compensate all internal CO2 emissions for travel and facilities before the end of 2023.

Further than this, the scheme goes beyond planting trees. Whilst precious habitat is given time to regrow, CMAC and Trees4Travel are eager to compensate for travel carbon emissions as soon as they can. Therefore, every tree planted will be assigned with a share of an investment into a United Nations Certified Emissions Reduction (CER) renewable energy programme.

The award-winning managed ground travel specialists, CMAC Group, is the partner of choice for many big-name brands. CMAC’s trusted team and reliable supply network safely transports nearly 6,000 travellers every day on behalf of clients, such as the Home Office, TUI, The AA, and G4S.


CMAC’s extensive network of certified suppliers enables it to offer seamless, time critical ground transport for any business scenario, whether that be managing flight disruption for airlines, organising business travel for private and public sector clients, arranging crew travel for train and freight organisations, or providing onward travel for customers on behalf of breakdown companies.

This latest announcement exhibits the company’s commitment to investing in a sustainable and carbon neutral future and is part of a wider strategy which is working to keep environmental impact to the absolute minimum.

CMAC has adopted multiple sustainable working policies to become ISO 14001 accredited, installing green office equipment, such as push controlled taps to minimise water usage and introducing recycling stations to reduce waste. Rideshare opportunities are available for customers and with its global network of access to 2.5 million vehicles, CMAC is committed to cutting out unnecessary mileage to reduce emissions, by obtaining the nearest possible vehicle to their customer. Finally, CMAC has already mandated that employees with company cars will use electric or hybrid vehicles only.