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Citadis Compact tramsets to be customised by artist Hervé Di Rosa

Citadis Compact tramsets to be customised by artist Hervé Di Rosa

Di Rosa was a natural choice, since he embodies not only the spirit of the South, which characterizes his work, but above all because he shares the values underlying the creation of this new tram: close ties with the public, accessibility, openness and creativity.

Xavier Allard, Director of Alstom’s Design & Styling department, and Hervé Di Rosa will work together to design the tram’s interior and exterior: interior fittings, colours and mood as well as the exterior livery. Their goal is to make the Pays d’Aubagne Citadis Compact tram a warm and welcoming means of transport with a human touch - a “tram for the people”. Di Rosa will also be involving the children of Pays d’Aubagne et de l’Etoile in the project.

The shape of the tram’s front end combines lightness and friendliness. A round windshield will also give the Aubagne tram a “smiling face” for a warm and cheerful feel. Di Rosa’s participation will make the Citadis Compact not only pleasant to ride in but also fun to look at.

Hervé Di Rosa is a contemporary artist whose work involves a wide range of techniques and media (painting, sculpture, cartoons, weaving, printmaking, frescos and more). A popular and committed artist, his work is inspired by men and women, their lives and relationships.

In the 1990s, he diversified his artistic approaches through contacts with artisans during a world tour that took him to Bulgaria, Ghana, Benin, Ethiopia, Vietnam, South Africa, Corsica, Cuba, Mexico, the United States and Cameroon. He now lives in Seville, his work enriched by his openness to the world, his exchanges and sharing.


The eight Citadis Compact tramsets will operate in Aubagne network beginning in 2014.