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Check into “Cloud 9” at Four Seasons Hotel Denver

Check into “Cloud 9” at Four Seasons Hotel Denver

“We want couples to come for a romantic getaway at Four Seasons Hotel Denver, and not have to worry about being disturbed,” says Thierry Kennel, general manager. “Cloud 9 offers extra perks to ensure our guests have a peaceful, memorable stay.”

Guests who reserve a room on Cloud 9—aptly named for the peaceful ninth floor—can ensure the floor is absolutely calm and quiet, without interruptions by staff or other potential disturbances. Rooms on the ninth floor are reserved for couples and individual travellers who are seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle. Families will never be placed on the ninth floor, and tasks such as deliveries and vacuuming will be banned before noon. The phone and television volume will be turned down by housekeeping staff, and “Do Not Disturb” is in full effect. To take full advantage of the environment (and perhaps catch some extra zzz), a 4:00 pm late check-out is extended.

Although located in a high-rise building in the midst of downtown, Cloud 9 at Four Seasons Hotel Denver offers several perks to ensure guests experience a blissful, peaceful stay. Upon entry to the ninth floor, guests will be greeted with a relaxing scent, soft music, and the soothing sound of a trickling waterfall. A beverage station is available offering an assortment of flavoured waters, herbal teas, espresso, and light snack items. A dedicated concierge, called the “Peacekeeper,” is available exclusively for guests of this floor to assist with reservations and any special requests the guests may have.

Guests are welcomed with a special amenity including an eye mask, bath salts and ultra-plush slippers. At nightly turn-down, a poem or romantic quote will be placed on the pillow. Parking and Internet fees are also included with this package.

Cloud 9 reservations are available exclusively on Friday and Saturday nights. There is a premium (added to the regular room charge) to reserve a room on this private, serene floor. For guests who can’t get enough of “Do Not Disturb,” Cloud 9 is the perfect destination.