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Cheap flights for soldiers as easyJet links with MOD

Cheap flights for soldiers as easyJet links with MOD

easyJet has announced that, in line with its business strategy, it has formed a new partnership with the ministry of defence to provide cheap flights and European travel for all ranks across the easyJet network.

Under the scheme managed by Hogg Robinson Group, easyJet will offer substantial discounts to its excess baggage charges for travelling military personnel.

This was identified as an important need as many armed forces servicemen and women often travel with large amounts of luggage including kit bags.

The deal recognises the government’s significant buying power and easyJet now hopes to secure travel deals with other government departments as well as with private sector companies.

Carolyn McCall, easyJet’s chief executive, said: “This new partnership will deliver huge benefits and cost savings for the ministry of defence, who in this current economic climate are under enormous pressure to deliver savings for the taxpayer.

“easyJet’s aim is to make travel easy and affordable and this new partnership is the first of what we hope will be a series of deals with public and private organisations secured by easyJet’s new corporate sales force.”

easyJet expects to carry over 50,000 military passengers a year.

Popular destinations include Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Gibralter and Larnaca.

Lt Colonel Mike Holmes, head of defence travel, said: “The ministry of defence recognise the value that easyJet offers, and today’s new partnership represents an excellent opportunity to drive out more efficiencies through smarter procurement.

“The MoD is constantly seeking to identify new business initiatives that will help generate savings and offer better value for money to the customer.

“This new partnership is the first of its kind with any low cost carrier and we are delighted with the positive approach that easyJet has adopted.”

easyJet is recognised as Europe’s Leading Low-cost Airline by the prestigious World Travel Awards.

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