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Car Rental Buddy launches safety 4 kids campaign

Car Rental Buddy launches safety 4 kids campaign

Car Rental Buddy has recently launched their innovative, captivating, and exciting Safety 4 Kids online campaign. Designed to help young children with making positive decisions about their personal safety, the campaign focuses on promoting the key concept of “Look, Listen, and Stay Safe”.

Through a user-friendly layout, the Safety 4 Kids website has a comprehensive and engaging assortment of information and resources. The “Safety Zone” offers extensive tips on road safety, stranger danger, and bullying. Presented in an easy to navigate format, tips are categorised into key sections with kids being able to process the displayed information at their own pace with a ‘next / previous’ slideshow concept.

The vibrant “Fun Zone” is complete with find-a-word puzzles, hide and seek games, and an array of downloadable colouring-in images. The community based “Kids’ Corner” showcases the talented colouring-in artwork that has been submitted by fans, while the “My Buddy List” section provides a creative aspect for how parents can help to detail safety information for their child.

Meet the safety team consisting of Buddy the dog, Hazel the hippopotamus, Paulie the panda, and Eric the elephant through the section “Meet the Team”. Kids will be enchanted by the active participation of the safety team and personal engagement created within the content.

With a list of relevant and informative resources, a supporter section, and regular new content, the Safety 4 Kids campaign hopes to provide kids with an online environment that is both fun and educational.


Actively seeking non-monetary support, the team at Car Rental Buddy hopes to involve foundations, businesses, and organisations through the “Link to Us” component of their campaign. Peta Daniels, from Car Rental Buddy says, “It is hoped that the support received for our campaign will assist in spreading our safety message. Our ultimate goal is to help kids in understanding how important it is to be aware of their surroundings, acknowledge when a situation is not right, to feel confident in making good decisions, and to seek help when needed.”