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New car hire website launches

New car hire website launches is a Spanish internet startup created with the aim of innovating in the Spanish Traditional Car Hire sector. MovoMovo was founded 8 months ago by a team formed by 5 people which developed the idea in two months only. At present, more than 300 peer-to-peer car rentals a month are fulfilled through MovoMovo

Individual to Individual is more authentic. How does it work?
Imagine that a person needs a van to move furniture to another house, or that a couple on holiday in Madrid needs a vehicle to visit the surroundings of the city. They are specific services for which a hire car is needed. And why not giving them the possibility of doing it in a very flexible way and also saving money with regards to the traditional car hire? But also thinking in social: they meet local people who will share with them useful first-hand information without commercial purposes. is a web site where private car owners have registered their cars for hire and set their terms and availability. Travellers visiting Spain who need to hire a car in a specific destination can contact the owner of a hire car using MovoMovo to make the contact, meet each other and agree the hire conditions and delivery. This system is more simple, more economical and more flexible than traditional car hire companies.

The clue in MovoMovo is creating a trust climate among owners and travellers.
How can the site do it? MovoMovo has created an algorithm called Social Trust Rank which permits, by means of an analysis of the users activity in the social media, to establish an initial ‘score’ about the confidence that people put in that person. Indeed both owners and drivers log in MovoMovo using their Facebook profile. The web also offers a message exchange platform and contact details, so that they can achieve a high level of trust and coordinate the hire.

Extra income for owners; 50% saving for travellers.
Hiring your car is a way of obtaining additional income from an asset which was an expense. On the other hand travellers who hire a car in MovoMovo can profit from an average saving of 50% with regards to traditional car hire companies.


MovoMovo is free, and contributes to diminish the environmental impact of hiring a car.
MovoMovo is free. Neither travellers nor owners are charged any commission or supplement. MovoMovo revenues come from advertising and other agreements with vehicle fleet owners. But MovoMovo is completely free for individuals.

MovoMovo also contrubutes to Ecology. Car sharing is a way to reduce the number of vehicles circulating on the roads, especially in coastal areas, main cities and the Islands (Lanzarote, Ibiza, Tenerife, etc), where in summer, rented cars represent 50% of the cars on the roads. With such initiatives implemented both in the tourist field and the daily life, we are really contributing to lower levels of CO2 emissions.

According to the study published in the The Guardian Green Living Blog, vehicles generate as much CO2 emissions as driving a car during its usable life. If we share cars, there will be fewer cars and therefore we are also contributing to the fight against pollution.

The first reference in Spain of a new model of consumption, P2P Consumption
This new type of consumption born thanks to internet is called P2P Consumption. MovoMovo was inspired by AirBnB, American website specialized in offering the possibility of hiring a room in a private house, meaning an alternative to hotels. In 2011 they had more than 1.6 million of bookings. In MovoMovo we have adapted the concept to the car hire sector.

The reason for the success of such initiatives is that they are more flexible, more economical and more authentic, person to person. And they involve a different way of thinking, interacting with the community, recovering the trade face to face, something very interesting for a type of traveller who wishes to know in depth the city or country they are visiting.