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Campaign seeks to rekindle ‘pride’ in British Airways brand

Campaign seeks to rekindle ‘pride’ in British Airways brand

British Airways has revealed it will launch a new advertising campaign designed to rekindle latent “pride” in the brand following a sometimes fraught row with the Unite union over the past two years.

BA planes were grounded for a total of 22 days during the two year dispute, with costs to the airline totalling £150 million.

The airline now hopes to win back the support of the public by reminding passengers of the heritage of the brand, according to reports in Marketing Magazine.

Created by advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty, the £1.5 million campaign will launch next month.

Central to the initiative is a 90-second film addressing five decades of BA, focusing on the role of British Airways’ role in the history of aviation.

Topics are set to include British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC), which merged with Imperial Airways in 1971 to create the modern BA, as well as the now defunct Concorde.

Passenger Arrest

However, it appears the British flag-carrier may have some way to go before all its passengers accept the message of the campaign, with reports earlier of an arrest on board a Heathrow bound plane.

American Tom Bradley was arrested after reportedly threatening to stab pilots with a shard of broken glass.

Witnesses claimed Bradley has been drinking heavily and became aggressive when he was refused more alcohol.

Police were waiting for 32-year-old Bradley at the gate when they landed at terminal five on Saturday.