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Industry Breakthrough: Amadeus Launches

Amadeus announced today that it is the
first Global Distribution System (GDS) to successfully implement a
revolutionary new product called Hotel Availability Updating, designed to
benefit both the hotel provider and travel agency customer around the world.
The first hotel reservation provider to make use of the product is TRUST
International who, along with WizCom International, the hotel switch
company, collaborated closely with Amadeus on the project.

Amadeus developed Hotel Availability Updating product in response to
industry demands. Although current processes for updating hotel information
in Amadeus are technologically advanced, Amadeus’ Hotel Availability
Updating goes one step further. With this product the Amadeus system is
updated instantly every time a hotel refreshes its own database. The
availability status that Amadeus users see is guaranteed to be accurate, as
each availability update message sent by the hotel is responded to by
Amadeus. This allows both Amadeus and the hotel’s databases to be
completely in sync, and hence the rates and availability shown are exactly
the same.

For hotel providers the Hotel Availability Updating product is a more efficient
and cost effective way of distributing their products. Travel agents also benefit
by getting better quality information as they are viewing the most up-to-date
information when they request a Hotel Availability display.

Hotel Availability Update is currently being used by Trust International, with
the aim of rollling it out over the coming months to other hotel chains who
connect through WizCom.

“Amadeus is the first GDS to implement this product, which forms part of our
strategy of taking the lead to develop increasingly sophisticated technology
hotel products for our customers,” said Hans Jorgensen, Amadeus VP
Partner and Provider Strategy. “Our research has shown that hotels want an
even faster and simpler updating product, and that travel agents want even
better quality hotel availability information. I am confident that both parties will
be happy that Amadeus has invested its resources in making this a reality.”


“We are delighted to be able to provide this type of service to TRUST
International and improve the quality of the data that we pass to Amadeus,”
said Bryan A. Burlison, Director of Corporate Sales WizCom. “Many of our
clients have expressed an interest in this type of processing and WizCom is
happy to be in the position to offer it to them as well.”
An immediate response and being in sync with the GDS were two factors that
appealed to TRUST when invited to join as the first participant. “This
processing provides a more reliable method of availability updating,” said
Claudia Hammerstein, Director Operations & Business Development of
TRUST International. “It affords us the opportunity to know instantly the status
of our availability updates.”