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US Airways and Northwest Begin Interline e-Ticketing

US Airways
today began offering its customers å“interlineå” electronic ticketing capabilities with Northwest Airlines
, enabling travellers to use a single e-ticket for itineraries that include travel on both carriers.

Under this agreement with Northwest, US Airways now has interline e-ticketing agreements on itineraries that include travel on United, Continental Airlines and American Airlines, enabling customers to travel on one e-ticket.

“E-tickets are now used by 92 percent of our customers,” said Kerry Carstairs, US Airways vice president of direct distribution.  “By adding Northwest to our growing list of interline e-ticket-capable carriers, even more of our customers can enjoy the time-saving benefits of e-ticket travel.”

Interline e-ticket technology allows customers to use a single e-ticket issued by US Airways for an itinerary that also includes travel on Northwest.  It also enables US Airways to accommodate Northwest customers holding e-tickets on changed itineraries. Previously, holders of Northwest tickets were required to acquire a paper ticket from US Airways or obtain a refund and purchase a new ticket on Northwest, if their flight reservations were changed from Northwest to US Airways, and vice versa.

US Airways customers will also have the flexibility of travelling on a Northwest flight during irregular operational conditions, such as weather disruptions, without the additional time and effort needed to obtain a paper ticket.


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