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SWISS Passengers Supporting SOS-Kinderdörfer

By means of coins and miles, SWISS clients are making a contribution to the SOS-Kindedörfer around the world. ?Your small change can make a big change” is the motto of the SOS-Kinderdörfer donations campaign which SWISS is conducting on board its flights. The most recent project in Italy is now been implemented thanks to the generous contributions by clients.
The SOS Holiday Village at Caldonazzo, near Trient in northern Italy will celebrate 50 years of existence on July 19, 2003. Every Summer, the Village accommodates schoolchildren from 35-40 Childrens Villages from all over Europe.. In the Holiday Village, more than 1,300 children and youngsters profit from a comprehensive range of holiday activities.
Because of new requirements which have developed in recent years, the communal centre is being rebuilt and the 30 year old medical centre is being modified and renovated. This work will be completed by the end of June, 2003.
Over the last seven months, SWISS passengers have donated CHF 147,132.88 on board, whilst a further CHF 57,445.37 has flowed into the collection boxes at Zurich Airport. Thanks to these contributions it is now possible to finance a large part of this renovation process.
SWISS is delighted that so many passengers have assisted with their contributions, thus bringing happiness to children all over the world.