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Airlines Ask No Questions at Check-In

Acting Under Secretary of Transportation for Security Admiral James M. Loy announced today the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will eliminate the questions that airlines ask passengers when checking in for flights.

“These questions no longer contribute to the safety and security of the flying public,” said Adm. Loy.  “Over the years they have lost whatever original value they contributed and now can be safely eliminated,” he said.  Loy noted new and improved security procedures have made the questions obsolete.

Adm. Loy is currently undertaking a review of existing rules and procedures to ensure that passengers receive consistent service and security at airports across the nation. Last week in Seattle he announced that passengers could carry drinks either in paper or foam cups through metal detectors at security checkpoints. “We are working hard to balance world class customer service with the need for world class security,” said Admiral Loy.

The questions, initiated 14 years ago, are: “Has anyone unknown to you asked you to carry an item on this flight?” and “Have any of the items you are traveling with been out of your immediate control since the time you packed them?”

The TSA will continuously review security procedures throughout the aviation system.  Admiral Loy said future additions or deletions would continue to be made based on existing threat analysis.