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Lufthansa Group First Nine Months 2000

Renewed rise in traffic performance: Utilisation at record level
Lufthansa is still breaking records: In the first nine months of the year 2000, the Group carried more passengers, transported more freight and mail, and improved utilisation in all traffic regions compared with the first three-quarter term in the previous year. September was the historic top month of passenger traffic.
Passenger numbers rose by 7.5 per cent 35.5 million. Of the total passenger count, 31.2 million (plus 6.3 per cent) flew with Lufthansa German Airlines and 4.3 million (plus 17.0 per cent) with Lufthansa CityLine. Capacities in the Group fleet were extremely well utilised: The seat load factor accordingly rose by 1.8 percentage points to a peak of 75.2 per cent. September was especially successful: The Group managed to sell nearly 80 per cent - exactly 79.8 per cent - of seat capacity offered, a first in Lufthansa«s history.
Freight business over the first nine months was no less positive. Lufthansa Cargo carried 3.9 per cent more freight and mail, lifting the nine-month total to 1,326,786 tonnes. Capacity utilisation was up by 0.2 percentage points to 67.4 per cent.

The increase in passenger and freight traffic raised the performance of the Lufthansa Group to an all-time high: The overall load factor rose by 0.9 percentage points on the year-earlier level to 71.9 per cent. Total capacity in terms of tonne-kilometres increased by 7.8 per cent increase, which was all sold in the marketplace. Sales grew by 9.1 per cent.

Third-quarter figures at the Lufthansa Group will be published on November 15 2000. They will be available simultaneously in English and German on website: