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The World`s Favourite Airline

British Airways is the world’s favourite airline - flying more people internationally than any one else.

Last year, nearly 40 million people chose to fly on the 400,000 flights that it operated - that’s equivalent to one flight taking off or landing every 90 seconds. The airline also carried more than 721,000 tonnes of freight - from tropical fruit to computer parts and football kit - and mail

Its worldwide route network covers some 170 destinations in 80 countries.
The British Airways group operates more than 300 aircraft - one of the largest fleets in Europe. The airline is one of only two in the world operating Concorde, the world`s only supersonic passenger aircraft. It is also the world`s second largest operator of Boeing 747s.

Unlike many of the world`s other leading airlines, British Airways is owned entirely by private investors, with almost a quarter of a million shareholders.

It traces its origins back to August 1919, when its original predecessor airline, called Aircraft Transport and Travel, launched the world`s first daily scheduled international air service, between Hounslow Heath, on the edge of today`s London Heathrow, to Paris Le Bourget.


Since those pioneering days, it has also taken the world into the jet age - with British-built Comets - the Autoland era, and into supersonic passenger flight.

The company today employs some 60,000 people, in around a hundred countries worldwide.

Its aim: to become the undisputed leader in world travel.

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