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oneworld members: Major New Initiatives Unveiled

Hong Kong: A series of key new initiatives is unveiled today by oneworld - the global airline alliance comprising Aer Lingus, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Finnair, Iberia, LanChile and Qantas - as it accelerates deepening the levels of co-operation between its members to deliver more benefits for customers and shareholders. The new steps include:

- A major extension of alliance activity, beyond the traditional passenger business, into the areas of cargo, engineering and maintenance, insurance, flight operations training and revenue accounting, where significant savings are expected to be achieved on the US$10 billion accounted for in these areas by the eight carriers.

- Three new types of ticket, with another three to follow in the next few months, as oneworld aims to build on its reputation as the most innovative of the global groupings in this arena and increase the hundreds of millions of US dollars generated for its member alliance through alliance fares.

- New flights between oneworld hubs, improving connections between member airlines’ networks and making travel smoother and more convenient across the alliance’s 571-destination map.

- A significant expansion of code-sharing between the alliance’s members.


- The launch of e-ticket interlining, making it simpler for passengers to transfer between oneworld carriers using latest forms of travel ticketing.

- What could be the biggest corporate sales contract won by any of the global airline alliances - with a leading US-based IT multinational, for its global air travel needs, worth US$40 million a year.

- An expansion of oneworld’s lead as the most international of the global airline alliances, with its network serving 135 territories and countries - 11 more than its nearest rival.

These latest developments were announced as the Chief Executives of the eight carriers - Aer Lingus, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, LanChile and Qantas - gathered in Hong Kong for the latest meeting of the alliance’s Governing Board.

As oneworld marks the second anniversary of Aer Lingus and LanChile joining the alliance, it is adding more value than ever before to its members. Its eight airlines already expected to benefit by almost US$1 billion this year from the various relationships between them - through revenue generation and feed, and savings from joint purchasing and shared airport and city facilities.
Peter Buecking, oneworld’s Managing Partner, said: “The developments we are announcing today are the result of a manageable-sized grouping of well established partners committed to and capable of working together to the benefit of their companies, their customers and the employees. By building a stronger alliance, our members are also making their individual companies stronger at this difficult time for our industry, while, at the same time, creating enhanced services for their customers.

“oneworld’s aim is simple: To establish the world’s best airline alliance. We will do so by working harder and smarter than the rest to offer the overall best customer services and products and to generate even more value for our members, by helping them reduce costs and earn more revenue.”

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