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Safety and Security Paramount, American Says in Response to Profiling Allegations

FORT WORTH, Texas—American Airlines issued the following statement today in response to the lawsuits alleging racial profiling filed by the American Civil Liberties Union:

“We are enormously disappointed in this lawsuit. This is a company with a long and recognized commitment to diversity and with an uncompromising commitment to air safety.

“Many people of many ethnicities and national origins have been inconvenienced by our nation’s heightened emphasis on security since September 11. Though we regret that some people feel they have been offended by these precautions, security and safety are - and must be - the primary concern of any flight crew, and it is within that context that security decisions are made.”

American Chairman Donald J. Carty was the first airline CEO to issue a statement to employees - the day after the Sept. 11 attacks - emphasizing American’s commitment to diversity and urging employees to treat all customers and employees with dignity and respect. American’s Muslim Employee group has also issued statements of support of American’s policies of inclusion for Muslim and Middle Eastern employees.