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Sabre Delivers Tools for Travel Agencies

Sabre Holdings Corporation
(NYSE: TSG) today announced the Sabre “Empowering Agenda,” a bold new five-point plan to empower U.S. travel agents to better compete in the face of sweeping industry changes.

Through the Empowering Agenda, Sabre announced several new product solutions, policy changes and business options for the travel agent community. These include Sabre(R) Exclusives, Sabre`s first merchant model program for hotels, which will provide travel agents with a new revenue stream and competitive content; access to airline Web fares integrated into the Sabre global distribution system; and Sabre Magnify(SM), breakthrough yield management tools designed specifically to help travel agents maximize revenue and better serve customers.

Sabre`s Empowering Agenda is a comprehensive plan developed to champion the travel agent in response to the rate of change in the travel industry. Recent industry pressures include the elimination of base commissions from airline suppliers and other industry players, demand from travelers for greater access to the lowest fares and prices, and the immediate and ongoing need for new revenue opportunities.

“Agencies need to make the hard decisions and take the appropriate actions to ensure they control their own destiny, solidifying their role as advocates for travelers and ensuring their long-term profitability,” said Eric Speck
, group president of Travel Marketing and Distribution for Sabre. “The Empowering Agenda provides real solutions - not just `vapor ware` promises - to help agencies proactively respond to change in the industry rather than continuing to react to the latest announcement of policy by suppliers.”

Sabre`s Empowering Agenda benefits suppliers and travelers, as well as travel agents. For airline suppliers, the agenda provides initiatives that decrease distribution costs including tools that improve the efficiency of the travel agency channel. For hotel suppliers, the Sabre Exclusives program provides the opportunity to grow revenues and increase occupancy. The participating hotels will also have the advantage of the reach and distribution of room inventory via the extensive Sabre(R) system network. For travelers, the agenda reduces the frustration of having to shop across multiple channels to ensure they are getting the lowest air fare.


“The changes in the travel industry have been volatile and dramatic. However, to date there has not been any clear leadership in addressing this new environment. Sabre`s Empowering Agenda is about bringing order out of the chaos and leading a path for travel agents, suppliers and the industry to get back to the business of selling travel,” Speck added.

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