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PMHS And Stromberg Form “Productive” Alliance

Leading timekeeper company Stromberg, LLC has entered into an agreement with PM Hospitality Strategies, an Alexandria-based hotel management company, to co-develop and market an inexpensive and highly useful labor productivity module for Stromberg`s Time Manager - Enterprise Edition and Stromberg Time Manager - Corporate Edition.

“When we selected Stromberg`s time and attendance system in 2000, we added our own labor productivity module onto it. Over the past year and a half, we`ve been refining that software to allow management to monitor the daily productivity of each department based on minutes per task, such as rooms cleaned or guests served,” explains Chief Technology Officer Aaron Raffle. “Midway through the software`s creation, we struck up a conversation with Stromberg, which is interested in marketing our software as part of its time maintenance package.” Since the benchmarks developed exclusively for hotels are easily re-loadable, PMHS` software can be modified to become relevant for almost any business that wishes to monitor labor productivity.

“With this new software, we are able to chart labor productivity on a daily basis,” states PMHS` Chief Financial Officer, Paul Stanton. “Most hotels only receive labor productivity reports at the end of the month, if they receive them at all. Under this new system, we are able to receive instantaneous feedback on HR decisions, and find out about problems before they can negatively impact profitability.”