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Wrexham & Shropshire calls time on train fare chaos

Wrexham & Shropshire, the train company which runs services from Wrexham, through Shrewsbury and Telford to London Marylebone, today becomes the first rail operator in the UK to banish confusing ticket options. Wrexham & Shropshire’s new flat fares sweep away the confusion by introducing a fixed price ticket valid all day, every day. New research from YouGov shows that 71% of all people who travel by train believe that train companies should simplify the number of ticket options. 34% of people who travel by train find buying tickets on the day of travel confusing, with more than a third (34%) also reporting that they find it stressful.

Interestingly for an industry recently in the headlines for having the most expensive fares in Europe, and for a Government continually seeking a reduction in car usage, 66% of passengers polled said that they might use train travel more often if there was a simple flat fare.

Andy Hamilton, Managing Director of Wrexham & Shropshire, said: “Having listened to what our passengers tell us we are cutting out the confusion and the high costs that surround train travel. Passengers buying Wrexham & Shropshire tickets will get the same great deal whenever they travel.”

Not only is Wrexham & Shropshire the first to make fares simple and great value, it has also introduced a “buy on board” policy. Whereas most companies put barriers up to stop passengers getting onto their trains without a valid ticket, Wrexham & Shropshire will be encouraging people to buy on board.

Andy Hamilton adds: “Despite having some of the most convenient booking systems available, we wanted to go one better. You can’t get more convenient than buying the ticket on the train and we believe you shouldn’t be penalised for wanting to do so.”


From 23 March passengers will be able to purchase the new Wrexham & Shropshire tickets for a fixed price, valid for travel from 30 March on any train, any day, any time.

Return fares from either Shrewsbury or Telford will be just £40 all day, compared with Virgin’s ‘Anytime’ £163 from Shrewsbury and £149 from Telford. Indeed, in a move that really highlights the difference in value, even the new First class fare with Wrexham & Shropshire will still cost less than a Standard class Virgin ticket.

News of the flat fares has been welcomed by Simon Pickering from Passenger Focus, who said: “Wrexham & Shropshire passengers will appreciate this move as it gives them a clear idea of how much their journey will cost from the outset and confidence they can use a different train if their plans change.”