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JAL to integrate aircraft maintenance companies

The JAL Group has announced plans to integrate on four subsidiary aircraft maintenance companies to form a new company to be named JAL Engineering Co., Ltd (JALEC).

The four JAL Group aircraft maintenance companies involved in the integration are JAL Narita Aircraft Maintenance Co., Ltd, JAL Tokyo Aircraft Maintenance Co., Ltd, JAL Engine Technologies Co., Ltd and JAL Aviation Technologies Co., Ltd. All are 100% owned subsidiaries of JAL International Co., Ltd (JALI), the JAL Group’s main airline operating company. Each company oversees a particular maintenance field and has individually strived to improve techniques in their respective fields. By merging the four companies to form JALEC, and by transferring some functions of JALI’s Maintenance Division to JALEC’s business operations, the JAL Group aims to enhance overall productivity, and further strengthen the quality of aircraft maintenance services through the consolidation of expertise and technological know-how.


Envisioned to be Japan’s leading aircraft maintenance company, JALEC will be the pillar of support for the JAL Group fleet, ensuring the highest levels of safety and quality. With its technical capabilities, expansive techniques and highly skilled human resource, it will strive to become a comprehensive engineering enterprise in the Group’s air transport business sector, and contribute to the development of Japan’s aviation technology.

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