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Travelzoo launches

Travelzoo has made its news travel search engine, available for public beta access, offering the latest innovations geared toward offering value in travel.
“We are excited to launch our travel search engine in beta, with a focus on quality, simplicity, and value,” said Brian Clark, senior vice president and general manager, search products, Travelzoo. “ will allow the public to easily find the best prices, including combinations of results and outstanding deals published by Travelzoo.”

“ includes a number of innovations that serve the public’s appetite for more pertinent information, at the same time that they empower travel providers to put their best deals and differentiated messages in front of a world-class audience,” added Max Rayner, chief information officer, Travelzoo.

“Our at-a-glance Summary pages, Why-me information links, and multiple world-class data sources make a powerful tool. and this is just our beta version. There is more in store.”
Travelzoo bought the domain name for US$1,760,000.