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Former tourism minister questioned over Travolta blackmail plot

A former Bahamas tourism minister Obie Wilchcombe has denounced accusations that he blackmailed John Travolta over photographs of his late son as “ridiculous and absurd”.
Travolta, 54, reportedly complained to police that blackmailers threatened to publish camera phone photos of sixteen-year-old Jett as he was being taken to hospital unless they were paid “millions of dollars”.Wilchcombe, one of three people detained by police in connection with the alleged plot, was then released the same day without being charged.
He said fellow Bahamas parliamentarian Pleasant Bridgewater told him “someone was doing something untowards”.
Bridgewater was charged with conspiracy to extort and released on £30,000 bail, police said. She resigned her Senate seat over the weekend vowing to fight the charges.
Ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourne is in custody after accusations he was part of the extortion plot.
He claimed he was the first paramedic to arrive at the villa where Jett was discovered by a male nanny after collapsing on the bathroom floor.