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Amadeus and Transhotel forge partnership

Travel technology provider Amadeus has entered a partnership agreement with hotel consolidator Transhotel that will enable both companies to work together to improve travel agents’ access to Transhotel content.
Under the agreement, Amadeus is developing a solution to integrate hotel consolidator content in a new product within the Amadeus Selling Platform, the company’s travel agency point of sale. The company claims this will provide seamless access to content, making the booking process easier, faster and more efficient.

Transhotel’s inventory of 50,000 hotels will be available through the solution when it is launched later this year. Beyond access to wider hotel content, this solution also ensures upfront payment of commissions for Transhotel bookings.

The solution will be piloted in selected markets during the month of March and will be available to travel agencies soon after that.

Unlike North America, about two thirds of the hotels in Europe are independent properties and Amadeus has made progress in integrating this crucial content. 30% of the 80,000 properties available in Amadeus Hotels are independent and budget hotels.

“We are excited to partner with Transhotel to provide travel agents with access to a greater number of hotels and more commissionable content in our new consolidator product,” commented Ian Wheeler, vice president for marketing at Amadeus.


“By signing agreements with hotel consolidators we are able to make a number of independent hotels available to travel agents with all the efficiency and reliability associated with our distribution system.”

Julio de la Cruz, chief executive officer for Grupo Transhotel, said: “Our partnership with Amadeus is a key milestone in Transhotel’s long history of providing travel agents with access to hotels and services worldwide.

“We are delighted to offer even more travel agents access to our numerous branded and independent properties in all price ranges.”