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Credit crunch squeezing UK inbound

The announced findings of surveys by Trip Advisor and American Express have confirmed that the credit crunch is having a disproportionate impact on inbound tourism compared to outbound, according to the trade association UKinbound.Trip Advisor quizzed more than 4,000 people worldwide and found that just 21% of British travellers said fuel prices would affect travel plans this summer, compared with 41% of worldwide travellers.  The American Express poll of more than 2,000 people found that 80% of Britons are not willing to give up their summer break at a time of widespread fears over the adverse impact UK fuel and price rises will have on holiday trends.

British holidaymakers are continuing to travel abroad, while their overseas counterparts are becoming more frugal, which according to UKinbound means the UK has to compete for fewer overseas visitors, who are also choosing cheaper destinations.


Stephen Dowd chief executive of UKinbound said:



“Both surveys show there is little chance of UK citizens taking fewer trips abroad, so in order to mitigate the effects of the credit crunch and reduce the tourism deficit we need a real push to make the UK more attractive to overseas visitors.  That has to mean a change in Government policy and a reduction of the barriers which currently deter tourists from visiting the UK.  The industry is continuing to improve it product offering and its welcome to overseas visitors but now we need Government to help us too.”