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Lufthansa ready for e-ticket deadline

Ahead of the IATA deadline in June, Lufthansa has revealed that 98 per cent of all tickets issued by the airline are already generated electronically.This coming weekend marks the start of a new era for air travellers. From 1 June
2008, only electronic tickets will be issued for Lufthansa flights as well as for
flights operated by all other IATA
airlines. The decision to phase out paper tickets in the airline industry was made
back in 2004 as part of IATA’s “Simplifying the business” initiative. Electronic
tickets offer customers
considerable advantages while at the same time providing an opportunity for airlines
to save costs. Furthermore, the switch to electronic tickets will benefit the
environment. According to IATA,
abolishing paper tickets means that 50,000 fewer trees will need to be felled each

In future, after making a reservation, Lufthansa passengers will not receive a paper
ticket, but will instead be issued with an electronic ticket, or etix. With an etix,
passengers can use the
convenient online check-in service and print out their own boarding pass at home, or
collect it at one of the 350 Check-in terminals at airports. Thanks to the latest
service innovations, they can
also have an electronic boarding pass sent to them by email or by SMS to an
Internet-compatible mobile phone. Without etix, none of these services would be

On 1 June, when the IATA ruling goes into effect, virtually all Lufthansa tickets
will be issued as etix. Passengers will therefore no longer have a choice between a
paper and an electronic ticket.
Paper tickets issued before 1 June will, however, retain their validity. With an
anticipated take-up rate of more than 98 per cent, Lufthansa exceeds the industry
average rate of 96.5 per cent that
IATA has targeted for that date. In comparison: at the end of 2004, at the launch of
the IATA initiative, Lufthansa had achieved a 45 per cent take-up rate.

In order to increase the share of electronic tickets, about 80 partner airlines have
been integrated into the electronic interlining system: More than 200 Lufthansa
stations worldwide have switched
to etix and all the technical booking and check-in functions in the relevant systems
have been adapted. Station staff has undergone intensive training to prepare for the
introduction of the new
system. Over the next few months, the remaining interline partners will be linked to
the system and further IT adjustments will be made.