Breaking Travel News offers travel tips, a comprehensive
online travel resource, just revealed its hot list for 2008, announcing the
top destinations to watch, along with travel predictions for the year.

Several cities continue to attract visitors while other hot spots have
secured top billing by building serious tourist infrastructure.

  “When compiling the list, we reviewed destinations that are making
improvements to attract more visitors, such as adding more flights and car
rentals, therefore making it easier to travel to these places and to get
around while there,” said Anne Banas, executive editor at “For the predictions, we took a really good look at 2007
and the newsmakers, and came up with some great suggestions for travelers
in 2008.” 

SmarterTravel’s Destinations to Watch in 2008:

  —Beijing. With the Beijing Olympics slated for August, the city is
    expecting three million spectators during the event. And, even if
    you’re not going for the Olympics, you can benefit from the expanded
    infrastructure. You don’t have to look far to find improvements geared
    towards making the city more visitor friendly. Beijing’s new airport
    terminal, slated to be among the world’s largest, will open before the
    summer games. A profusion of new hotels, including openings from Best
    Western, Marriott, and Accor, give Western visitors more familiar
    accommodations choices.


  —India. If you’ve always thought of India as a destination reserved for
    backpackers, spiritual seekers, and guided tour-goers, 2008 is a good
    year to rethink that assumption. Tourism infrastructure growth is on
    par with China’s rapid expansion, and is turning the country into a
    destination that’s more accessible to a wider range of travelers.

  —Liverpool. The city once known primarily as the birthplace of the
    Beatles has come into its own as a European city packed with
    sophisticated cultural pursuits and rich history. Liverpool has been
    preparing for its time in the spotlight since it was named a European
    Capital of Culture for 2008 five years ago. The highly coveted Capital
    of Culture designation earns cities the chance to feature and expand
    their thriving art and cultural offerings, and gives visitors an entire
    year of special events and festivals to enjoy.

  Additionally, SmarterTravel notes a few other cities and countries to
keep on the travel radar for the coming year: Quebec City; Queretaro,
Mexico; St. Maarten; and Stavanger, Norway.