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Travelocity highlights volunteer vacations

Travelocity’s annual travel forecast poll recently found that 38 percent of respondents are likely to take volunteer vacations in 2008, whether that be an entirely charitable trip or extending a vacation to include volunteer activities.While more and more concerned citizens are looking to enrich their travel by volunteering on vacation, many still don’t know where to begin or what types of itineraries fit their needs. To connect like-minded individuals while providing inspiration and ideas on the types of volunteer opportunities available, Travelocity and IgoUgo have launched a voluntourism community forum where users can share their own trip experiences complete with photos and personal commentary.

By exploring the voluntourism community site, would-be volunteer vacationers are able to see photos and read first-hand accounts of other travelers’ experiences. As part of the company’s broader Travel for Good (SM) program launched in 2006, Travelocity is providing another helpful resource to allow travelers to dream about and begin planning their volunteer vacation with as much information from real people as possible.

“The idea of going off to a remote destination to volunteer can be daunting to many people, and the best way to find out if a trip is right for you is hearing straight from other people who have gone,” said Jeffrey Glueck , chief marketing officer for Travelocity. “We’ve used powerful technology from IgoUgo to create an online community that lets people inspire others by sharing personal stories about the impact voluntourism had on them.”