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Jumeirah Essex House receives Lego replica

Just in time for the holiday season and in celebration of its 75th anniversary, Jumeirah Essex House has become the world’s largest free-standing hotel model ever constructed out of LEGO bricks. Earlier this year, LEGOLAND California was commissioned to design and construct a “to scale” replica of the Jumeirah Essex House in honor of this momentous occasion.

LEGOLAND California’s version of The Jumeirah Essex House will be placed in the newly redesigned lobby so both children and adult LEGO fans of all ages can view this visually stunning piece of art that truly captures the hotel’s original glamour and essence involved in this 1931 architectural masterpiece.

“Jumeirah, as one of the world’s fastest-growing luxury hospitality companies, prides itself on its world-class quality of service, standards and innovation that also has a rich tradition of doing ‘larger-than-life’ stunts at some of our properties,” states Scott Dawson, General Manager, Jumeirah Essex House. “In keeping with this tradition, this model was no exception. To celebrate the completion of the hotel’s multi-million dollar refurbishment and mark its 75(th) anniversary, we wanted to create something extraordinary that pays tribute to our beautiful hotel and commissioned LEGOLAND California to create something that could be considered a major work of art. We applaud them for building and designing such an authentic replica of one of Manhattan’s classic Art Deco masterpieces.”

“LEGOLAND California has created several hotel models in a popular area of the Park called Miniland USA. In fact, there are more than 15,000 LEGO models and more than 60 rides, shows and attractions within our family theme park,” says LEGOLAND California Master Model Designer Eric Hunter. “But never before have I had the opportunity to recreate one of our existing LEGO models and add the details as I did with this model of Jumeirah Essex House. I’ve had so much fun designing and building this historic hotel and not only am I honored for having this opportunity, but also for guests from around the world to get just a small taste of what they would see when they come out to visit LEGOLAND California.”

Hunter spent more than two months and more than 200 hours to design and construct the Jumeirah Essex House model in the Model Shop at LEGOLAND. Hunter is now one of the hotel’s “artists-in-residence” (the Jumeirah Essex House earlier this year launched an artists-in-residence program in which commissioned artists design and create artwork based on their residency at the hotel) since he stayed in residency at the Jumeirah Essex House earlier this fall to begin his research for the model. Work began on the model in October and was completed this month.


Design, construction and size details of LEGOLAND California’s version of the Jumeirah Essex House are as follows:

* The overall dimension of the “to scale” model is approximately 3’ x 3’ by 8?’ tall.

* Total weight of the hotel model is approximately 198 lbs (combined weight with transporting crate is approximately 375 lbs.).

* More than 50 different types of LEGO bricks, including plates, tiles, special elements, etc. were used in the construction of the model.

* A total of nine different colors were utilized in the completed model closely resembling the actual colors of the building’s exterior and facade. Colors used include white, tan, yellow, brown, red, light gray, dark gray, black and transparent (opaque).

* It took more than 212 hours for Hunter to design and construct the model.

* The completed model features a total of 1,885 windows of varying sizes.

* The model can be taken apart in four major sections and a specially-designed crate has been constructed for transport purposes.

* In keeping as close to the hotel’s original design as possible, the model contains three custom-built spotlights on top of the tower that illuminate the Jumeirah Essex House’s renowned, historic and gigantic red-letter sign, which have dazzled New York City visitors for more than 75 years.