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Alternative website adds carriers

Alternative Airlines has added more airlines to its growing list of carriers.Wizz Air, a central European low cost carrier specialising in the Polish,
Hungarian and Bulgarian Markets, and Kingfisher Airlines, a domestic Indian
carrier started by the entrepreneur Vijay Malllya and named after his best
selling beer, are some of the latest carriers to be added to Alternative
Airlines’ growing list.

The Alternative Airlines website offers users the chance to book from over
260 different airline carriers, including many local and regional carriers
that do not have online booking facilities anywhere else. The company are
continually adding more and more carriers to their booking engine and aim
to make their website a place where users can book flights for any airline
in the world.


A spokesman for Alternative Airlines commented:



“It is our goal to provide a single site, from which customers can book any
airline ticket in the world. Already we offer bookings with over 260
different airlines, from Air Vanuatu to Vietnam Airlines, from Tajikistan
Airways to Tahiti Air.  We aim to provide our customers the ability to
quickly and easily book flight deals from anywhere with an airport, to
anywhere else in the world with an airport, even on obscure routes and
airlines which most Westerners are not familiar with”.


The site is also packed full of news on new airline routes, information
about each airline, as well as air travel news and details of special fares
and travel tips. With it’s wealth of information on global carriers, the
Alternative Airlines website has also become a favourite amongst airline
enthusiasts, who can read up on the latest airlines to be launched.