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Poll: Romance on the cards for travellers

While experiencing different countries and cultures is reason enough for most, finding love will come as an unexpected - but pleasant! - surprise for many college students travelling this year. Figures released today by suggest the reality of finding love on their travels, is far higher than expected by travellers before setting off.

13 percent of travellers admitted to finding a ‘serious romance’ while overseas - higher than the five percent who expected this before setting off. But love seems to come in many guises, and when accounting for what the survey describes as ‘flings’ and ‘one-night stands’ the figures are much higher.

Despite only half of travellers expecting to have a light-hearted fling while away from home, nearly two thirds said that is what they had experienced. It seems that the liberation and self-discovery that many people experience while hostelling around the world also leaves many more inclined for ‘one-night stands’.

While a conservative one in five of those surveyed expected that they might have a unique night of love while travelling, the actual figure for those who did was 31 percent.

The overall figure of those who expected to find love of some description while away travelling was 59 percent. The reality, however, was that 76 percent of all travellers experienced a serious romance, a fling or a one-night stand - or a combination of these.


David Smith, General Manager of, said: “We hear many great stories from around the world about our customers finding love on the road. Hostelling in new countries, often for months at a time, allows people to free themselves from the domestic drudge and explore a life they may otherwise never find. Travelling the world can be a very liberating experience; these figures demonstrate that attitudes and expectations can change dramatically whilst away.”