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Austrian shakes up baggage charges

Austrian Airlines is simplifying its excess baggage regulations and introducing a new ‘five-zone’ system for scheduled flights from 1 June 2007 onwards. The price for one kilogram of excess baggage will no longer be calculated according to the ticket price as before, but dependent upon the respective destination. The new regulations will ensure greater transparency, as passengers will be able to calculate their excess baggage charges before beginning their journey and incorporate these into their fare. Handling processes at the airport itself will be simplified and accelerated.

Additional charges will apply for sports baggage. From 1 June 2007, these will no longer be calculated according to the type of sports equipment as before, but will depend upon the size and weight of the respective sports item and route. Scheduled passengers of the Austrian Airlines Group will be able to take one pair of skis or one snowboard with them at no extra charge.

Other regulations or charges may apply for excess baggage or sports equipment on cooperation flights operated by partner airlines. Special charges also apply on charter flights.

The ‘piece concept’, which is unaffected by the new regulations, applies to flights to or from the USA, U.S. Territories, Canada and Mexico. In principle, two pieces of baggage (Economy Class: 23 kg each) may be taken on board free of charge.