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Aerosvit adopts Amadeus technology

Amadeus and Aerosvit Airlines have signed an agreement by which the airline’s legacy passenger service system will be replaced with the new generation technology Amadeus Altéa Customer Management suite (CMS).

Already a user of Amadeus’ Altéa Reservation for its sales and reservation, Aerosvit will migrate, within 2007, all its inventory management activity to Altéa Inventory, implement Amadeus Revenue Integrity to improve yield and load factors, as well as Amadeus e-Retail Engine to drive online sales. The solutions contracted will provide Aerosvit with complete control over all its distribution channels and management of inventory, seat planning, route network and online sales.

Avi Schwartz, Deputy Director General, Aerosvit Airlines, commented: “The Altéa community platform brings us world class technology to deliver on our commercial strategy; to expand our route network globally and to become a strong regional player. We will be better equipped to maximise yield on every seat and gain better insight and the flexibility to execute our distribution strategy in the most profitable way. In the process, Aerosvit will remain compliant with evolving industry standards, which frees us to focus on customers.”

To date, 35 airlines have chosen the Altéa Customer Management suite, including Rossiya Russian Airlines, Air Astana - both based in the CIS region -  and other major carriers in Europe, Asia Pacific, America, Middle East and Africa. Altéa Reservation, which provides a seamless reservation service across multiple channels, is currently used by over 150 airlines as their internal sales system.

Frédéric Spagnou, Vice President, Airline Business Group, Amadeus, noted: “In global terms, the CIS region is among the fastest growing and most dynamic regions in the aviation sector. Using our advanced suite of solutions means Aerosvit is able to continually stay one step ahead of the competition and deliver a first class service to all passengers.”


Alexey Murovtsev, General Manager, Amadeus Ukraine, added: “Aerosvit’s decision in favour of Altéa Customer Management platform coupled with Amadeus’ unmatched travel agency network in the CIS region, will ensure additional, operational benefits for Ukrainian travel agencies as well as for their customers.”