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Delta applies for NYSE listing

Delta Air Lines has filed an application to list its new common stock on the New York Stock Exchange after the company’s emergence from bankruptcy. Subject to the approval of its listing application and the effectiveness of its Plan of Reorganization, Delta anticipates that shares of the newly issued common stock will begin trading on the NYSE in early May under the ticker symbol “DAL”.

“The planned listing of Delta’s new stock on the New York Stock Exchange is another significant milestone on our path toward emergence from bankruptcy as a strong, healthy competitor and an industry leader,” said Edward H. Bastian, Delta’s executive vice president and chief financial officer. “This action marks a return to our roots even as we look to new opportunities. By using the company’s historic ticker symbol ‘DAL’ on the exchange where Delta originally listed its stock 50 years ago, we are paying tribute to our proud history—and our tradition of outstanding service and always putting people first—as we begin a new chapter focused on positioning Delta as a global leader in a rapidly changing airline industry.”

Bastian continued, “To complement our strategy of becoming the airline of choice in New York, we can think of no better partner than the institution that epitomizes New York—the New York Stock Exchange. We are pleased to again be a part of the New York Stock Exchange as we move forward in building the new Delta.”

“Delta Air Lines is one of the great institutions in American corporate history, with a longstanding reputation for customer service and a strong commitment to using the latest technological innovations to enhance their brand and the quality of their product offering,” said John A. Thain, Chief Executive Officer, NYSE Group, Inc. “We are delighted that Delta has chosen to list its new stock on the NYSE. We welcome the opportunity to serve the company and its shareholders, and wish the people of Delta all the best as they continue their work to restore the company to its traditional position as a leader in the airline industry.”