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Sabre brings $20 mn to Aeroflot

The Aeroflot airlines has reviewed the two-year performance of its new Sabre ticket booking and sales system. Sabre products have enabled Aeroflot to integrate its IT systems with those of every member of the global Sky Team alliance and to adopt an e-ticket technology and the online booking and sales system.

This year more than 19,000 air tickets worth $8.0 million have been sold through Aeroflot’s website. The Aeroflot-Don subsidiary plans to adopt the Sabre system by the year-end.

The new IT platform has made income management more efficient and brought an additional income of $20m in 2006. Labour productivity at Aeroflot’s sales offices grew by over 30%. The information security of Aeroflot’s ticket booking and sales system was enhanced. Sabre passenger self-registration desks were also put into operation at Aeroflot’s Sheremetyevo airport. By year-end Aeroflot plans to install Sabre ACSI self-registration desks at 18 Russian airports, to which the airlines flies.