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Slovenia happy with winter season

Even though there was not much snow and

despite the fact that the number of skiers dropped by half, the 2006/2007

winter season was a success, the head of the Slovenian Tourist Board

Dimitrij Piciga told the press on Tuesday.

The number of visitors between November 2006 and January 2007 increased by


7% year-on-year, while the number of overnights went up by 5%, according to

unofficial data from the National Statistics Office.

The most frequent guests were Italians, followed by tourists from Croatia,

Austria and Germany.

While last winter was very successful, the number of skiers fell by half

this season, said the secretary of the Ski-lift Operators Association,

Dusan Bozicnik. 

However, there were no cancellations of bookings during holidays despite

the mild winter, which tells a lot about the supplementary offer of

Slovenian ski resorts, added Bozicnik. 

Certain ski resorts are still operating, as Kanin (NW) will be open until

the end of April, while Krvavec (central Slovenia) and Vogel (NW) will

operate until the Easter Holidays. 

On the other hand, Slovenian spa operators had 10.8% more vacancies

available this February than in the same month in 2006, while hotels

operated at 61.9% of capacity, an increase of 0.2%. 

In February, Slovenian spas had 21.1% more guest than in the same month of

2006, while the number of overnights increased by 16.4%, according to the

secretary of the Slovenian Spas Community, Rudi Rumbak. 

According to the Slovenian Tourist Board, this year’s objectives are 4%

growth in overnight stays, 6% growth in the number of guests, and 8% growth

of income from tourism.