Breaking Travel News launches airfare deals is launching Farecast Deals, a new service that leverages the science of airfare data and advanced analytics to provide consumers a usable and authentic approach to airfare deals. No other travel website helps consumers know “what” is a deal and “why” to buy now when shopping for cheap flights. Each day, Farecast utilizes billions of airfares to provide its free airfare predictions, and now uses this data to help consumers uncover cheap tickets from their airport.

“Any website can claim to have the best deals, but many of those deals are based on marketing, not science,” said Hugh Crean, Farecast’s president and chief executive officer. “ is the only travel website that uses the power of over 175 billion airfares to help consumers understand what is truly a good deal and why to buy now.”

Farecast Filters Out the Real Deals

Everyone loves a great deal, but more often than not, it’s hard to filter out the truly good values from marketing hype. Farecast shows you real deals backed by comparisons against millions of airfares the company has analyzed from each airport. Farecast:

  * Finds the absolute lowest fare between two selected cities in the next
    90 days—A consumer would need to conduct up to 50,000 individual
    searches to find all of the deals we find each day from their city
  * Compares that low fare to millions of airfares on record between the
    cities to see how it matches up
  * Shows consumers how much the airfare deal saves them over the average
    airline ticket between the chosen cities
“We’ve seen in the data that low fare deals often have a very short shelf life and typically expire within 48 hours,” stated Jay Bartot, vice president of engineering. “Our technology team is doing the heavy lifting to allow consumers to maximize savings and act on that small window of opportunity. In some cases, we’ll find the lowest fare ever recorded between two cities, but as you can imagine, those prices don’t last long.”


Farecast currently offers deals from the top 26 cities in the following categories: weekends, last minute trips, week-long trips, family getaways and top deals. Farecast’s easy-to-use calendar feature simplifies the planning process and offers savvy travelers a quick way to plan their trip. Consumers can also let Farecast do the work for them and sign up to get the best deals sent to them via email.