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TripAdvisor unveils new RSS tool

TripAdvisor has announced a move to distribute
content across the web and beyond beginning with a new automated RSS tool.TripAdvisor’s content distribution initiative will push its wealth of
insider hotel information to other online venues and media companies.

“TripAdvisor is the largest source of travel information anywhere, and
our new distribution initiative sets out to make it the largest source of
travel information everywhere,” said Christine Petersen, senior vice
president of marketing for TripAdvisor. “Consumers today value and seek out
the opinions of people like themselves who have already lived the
experience they’re considering.”
  In a move to embrace the openness of the web, hoteliers, such as the
Affinia Dumont
Dumont&page=Trip-Advisor-Comments), The Barclay House
( and Chanters Lodge
( confident in their
customer service have already begun publishing TripAdvisor reviews directly
on their own hotel web sites. TripAdvisor provides a web page
( that automatically generates html code,
allowing the property to instantly publish TripAdvisor reviews on their own
  “We receive exceptional guest feedback every day and we want potential
guests to know that we really do stand by our promise to provide customized
comfort and superior service,” said John Moser, Affinia Hotels’ chief
marketing officer.